My balance is terrible

Today’s WOD focused on two things I’m terrible at, situps and anything requiring balance.

3 Rounds
50 Double unders or 150 single jump ropes
20 weighted walking lunges (used 25#, Dawn went with 15#)
50 situps (Dawn rx’d, I went with 30)

I’m pretty solid on the jump rope but found it difficult in Vibrims as everytime I missed the stupid rope got stuck between my toes.

Lunges were tough b/c my balance is so bad (A Dr has laughed at me). My knees are so from scraping the gym floor do I did better at a big long stride. Obviously holding the weight overhead made things more difficult.

Situps, I just plain sick at those and that’s all there is to say about that.

Ran 2.12 miles in the afternoon at a sub 12 minute pace. It was nice to be able to run without Yaktrax.

Breakfast – big salad after Crossfit

Lunch – Late breakfast, just grazed

Dinner – meatballs and sweet potato

Snacks – Larabar or 2, handful of pecans, half a banana, Steve’s beef jerky

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Jackie should start with a capital B!

Today’s WOD was a rough one.

1,000m row
50 thrusters (45#)
30 pullups

The row wasn’t bad, though in hindsight I should probably go easier on the row to save some energy.

I surprised my coach by knocking out all 50 of the thrusters. We used the 15# bar so it had 2 big 15# weights on it which is much more impressive than just using a 45# bar.

Band assisted pullups for the first 15 and them jumping pullups for the rest.

Time was 16:02.

My wife apparently forgot her shoes so she did the entire thing barefoot b/c she’s a bad ass. Unfortunately she’s short and couldn’t get a pullup even with a weight stacked on top of the 24″ box jump so I am going to ignore that her time was better than mine.

We also did some strength work today, which I enjoyed. I should have paid more attention to the weight but I think I was around 125# on squats. 3-3-3-3-3 for a total of 15 reps. We started lower but the last 3 or 4 sets were somewhere around 125.

Knee is bugging me a bit. I think I’m bringing them in when squatting under load, need to work on that.

Breakfast – Larabar and 4 eggs

Lunch – Big salad from the grocery store.

Dinner – taco salad with the tortilla

Snacks – mixed nuts.

Great day in terms of diet and workout.

Snacks – picked out some nuts, trying to avoid the peanuts but they are tasty.

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Day 22 – Chicago aka, Hell on Earth

Took the day off yesterday for my “nephew’s” baptism. I use quotation marks b/c his father is my brother from another mother. Great ceremony and a wonderful time was had by all. The little guy smiled for almost the entire time. One of his dad’s better featured that both of his sons have picked up, always ready with a smile or laugh.

Stayed up too late and woke up at my normal time (6 our time, 5 Chicago time). I tried to stay awake but couldn’t turn on any lights as everyone else was asleep so I eventually succumbed to going back to sleep. Unfortunately I woke up every 20-30 minutes. The sleeping pills seem to do a great job of helping me get to sleep but I still find myself waking up enough to notice the clock 4 or 6 times per night.

We eventually left the hotel and headed downtown. Now, I love my wife and she has an incredible number of talents. Navigating, however, is definitely not one of them. Tom Tom was virtually worthless b/c of the tall buildings so I ended up navigating with one eye on my phone while the other dodged crazy Chicago cabbies. We dropped the girls off at the American Girl store (an amazing time was had by both mom and daughter) and then went to Adler Planetarium. Mikey and I had a blast but my other “nephew” was freaked out during the first few minutes of the star show which was unfortunate. He still had fun with Mikey running around playing with the interactive exhibits.

My diet this weekend wasn’t pretty but I did come to the conclusion that I have an issue with gluten. In the past I’ve blamed dairy but after having dairy a few times the past week without much of an issue and having issues after eating a personal pizza I became convinced it was gluten.

My upper abdominal muscles are quite sore as are the muscles in my neck. Friday’s workout is still taking its toll.

I managed to get out for about 4 miles Saturday morning. I started on the treadmill but was bored after 1/3 of a mile so I bundled up for zero degree temps. My run went well as did clearing the driveway after. I was definitely ready for a nap.

We are home now, wife and I didn’t kill each other downtown, and I’m ready to enjoy football.

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Day 20 – Death by push press and situp

Today’s WOD consisted of the following:

Every even numbered minute complete that number of situps (2nd minute you do two, 8th minute you do 8, etc)

Every odd numbered minute complete that number of push presses (65#/45# rx)

WOD ends when you fail to complete your reps.

I felt like a bad ass at the beginning of the workout as I could do one push press and then stand around for 50 seconds. It didn’t last long. What really killed me was the last 1/4 of the situp where you engage your lower ab. Apparently I don’t have one of those.

End results were 15 on the push press (45#), and only completing 6 of the situps at the 16 minute mark. I was close to completing more but my form went to hell and I couldn’t get through the last little bit of the situp.

I’ve always said my goat was the pushup (goat being what you are worst at), but I think I’ll add situps and probably pullups to that list as well. Fortunately I am a child and enjoy playing around with pullups. I also suck at lunges apparently. Our warm up included 3 down and backs and I almost fell over several times. Stupid balance.

Strangely enough my weight has gone up 2 pounds in the last two days but the scale says I’ve lost 2 or 3% body fat. My scale is retarded as I doubt I’m putting on muscle that fast.

Breakfast – 4 eggs, banana, handful of macadamia nuts

Lunch – big salad from the salad bar at the grocery store

Dinner – rotisserie chicken and some left over chili

Snacks – pickle, dark chocolate, nuts

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Day 19 – I run

Nothing too exciting today, 4.45 miles in the snow. I need to weigh my winter running clothes as my times are terrible of late. I’m sure it’s a combination of winter weather conditions, cold temps, and heavy clothing but would like to know where to assign blame just b/c I’m a dork like that. Btw, temp was around 13.

I really need to work on my diet. I’ve been losing weight and it hasn’t been terrible, but I need to do a better job of incorporating veggies into it. That’s always my stumbling point. I’m great on protein and not bad on fats. I’m also eating too much bacon, but damn it’s delicious!

Feeling blah tonight, like I’m coming down with a cold or something. Looks like a decent storm coming, hopefully we can still make it to Chicago on Saturday.

Breakfast – eggs, banana, and a Larabar

Lunch – 4 pieces of bacon, small chicken breast

Dinner – Pizza chili

Snacks – pickle, some nuts, more bacon, and finished off my chocolate bar since I feel like crud.

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Day 18 – Rest Day

My ass hurts but that can’t be possible as I have no ass, or so my wife likes to tell me. And yes, I realize there are jokes galore to be had at that first sentence.

Biggest Loser was evil last night. The temptation challenge involved what was basically a Chinese buffet. Now I am craving General Tso’s chicken and pizza. Not sure where the pizza came from, just sounds good. I knew last nights treat of popcorn was a mistake!

Well deserved rest day today, 3.5 – 4 tomorrow am. Staying up late to watch Biggest Loser and then sleeping in was a big mistake. It’s amazing how quickly I fell into a routine (going to bed at 9 and reading for 15-30 minutes, getting up at 6). I felt terrible this morning and have been tired all day. This weekend might be tough with a hockey game Friday and a trip to Chicago Saturday. Not sure how I’m going to get my long run in Sunday. Hopefully I’ll have time when we get home.

Picked up my suit today. Ordered it 7-10 days ago and the pants might be a bit large already. WHOOO HOOOOO!

Breakfast – yogurt, few pieces of bacon

Lunch – Chipotle bowl

Dinner Рpulled pork carnitas thingies with some saut̩ed broccoli.

Snacks – blueberries, pickle

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Day 17 – My wife Crossfits!

My stupid internal alarm clock woke me up at 4am, a bit early. Had trouble getting back to sleep and found that waking up to an alarm clock is much less pleasant. Felt like I was run over by a truck. Played on my phone in bed for 30 minutes listening to rain pound the roof and decided that running outside was not in the cards today. Ran 2.9 miles on the treadmill, but that’s a best guesstimate. Last time my Garmin footpod was significantly higher than the treadmill (very accurate when compared to running and gps), of course today it was screwy as hell. Guesstimated my mileage based on treadmill distance and perceived effort.

After running I woke the little ones up, fed them breakfast, and walked them to school while I let my wife sleep in. Came home and woke her up around 8:35 for Crossfit. There was another beginner in the class so we spent time going over basic movements before we got into the actual WOD. I should also mention that our trainer’s friend dropped in, the type of person who actually competes in Crossfit competitions. Needless to say, she lifted the same weight as me (or heavier) and did so much faster. It’s one of the things I love about Crossfit, always room to improve.

The WOD was 1 min row for distance 3x then 3 burpees, 6 box jumps (I went with 15″ and it was low), and then 9 Kettleball swings (35#). I managed what I think was 8 reps plus 3 burpees. I need a dry erase board to keep track of these things. Not sure how many Dawn did, was too tired to pay attention to anyone else.

To end, we are signed up! Dawn is going to try to go 3x per week as am I, depending on how it interferes with running. At this point I need to focus on running to get through the upcoming 25k.

Breakfast – banana, leftover chicken, and salad.

Lunch – didn’t eat breakfast until around 11:30 so not really hungry.

Snacks – 2 pieces of bacon, handful of blueberries


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