My balance is terrible

Today’s WOD focused on two things I’m terrible at, situps and anything requiring balance.

3 Rounds
50 Double unders or 150 single jump ropes
20 weighted walking lunges (used 25#, Dawn went with 15#)
50 situps (Dawn rx’d, I went with 30)

I’m pretty solid on the jump rope but found it difficult in Vibrims as everytime I missed the stupid rope got stuck between my toes.

Lunges were tough b/c my balance is so bad (A Dr has laughed at me). My knees are so from scraping the gym floor do I did better at a big long stride. Obviously holding the weight overhead made things more difficult.

Situps, I just plain sick at those and that’s all there is to say about that.

Ran 2.12 miles in the afternoon at a sub 12 minute pace. It was nice to be able to run without Yaktrax.

Breakfast – big salad after Crossfit

Lunch – Late breakfast, just grazed

Dinner – meatballs and sweet potato

Snacks – Larabar or 2, handful of pecans, half a banana, Steve’s beef jerky

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